Enema FAQ (I)

step by step how to and safety tips

Ahhh...enemas. One of these 'love it or leave it' subjects when it comes to erotic power exchanges. Still, something you should know about and understand before even thinking about using them. So here is most of the basic info. However - as always - be aware of the following: everything below is information, not individual or general medical advice. Individual situations may be different from the average. When in doubt, always consult your doctor.

Why do we use enemas?

To start with, enemas are used for different purposes - to clean out before entering into fisting for example, as a punishment, as a form of training, as a humiliation (especially in connection with Japanese bondage and other oriental techniques), an extra "incentive" to a bondage or for plain (sexual) enjoyment. No matter what purpose, one objective is common: making your partner refrain from expelling the content of their bowels.

Some general issues

In principle - and of course when done with proper care and knowledge - enemas as such are not dangerous. Having said that, there are some dangers. As always, you must be careful when you're interfering with any of the body's routines. Cautions exist for people with heart diseases, cara-related diseases (asthma and such), diabetics, people with epilepsy, any woman during or just after pregnancy and in general for people who are not feeling well. In this case all stomach, intestinal and metabolism related diseases should be added to this list as well of course. Also, enemas may have a devastating inpact on people with an alcohol or drug addiction.

"Optimistic" quantities of fluid used and a high frequency of use may also cause all sorts of problems, the most important one being the fact that the bacteria in the intestines and the muscles around them may "get lazy" and the metabolism may become less effective. Keep your quantity and frequency reasonable.

Kinds of enemas

In general there are two different enemas: the ones based on filling the bowels with fluid and the "chemical" ones that you can buy over the counter in your local drugstore or pharmacy. The latter just bring out the content quickly; the former - especially when used several times during one session - really clean and therefore are the favorite for pre-fisting use. The "chemical" enema is a lot more difficult to hold and you probably will have only three to five minutes before the designated process starts and can not be stopped again.

Fluid quantities

When it comes to the quantities of fluid: anything between half a liter and a liter (1/8 to 1/4 of a gallon) is safe, depending on the size of the body. However, especially for those just starting out - or if you are planning more than one enema in a session - a mug full is more than enough.

Some fringe benefits of enemas

When administered with knowledge and care, a few water-only enemas in one day will boost the cleaning capabilities of your body. Most of the water is absorbed and works in the same way drinking water does, only faster. This is generally a good thng, paticularly since most people don't drink enough water to start with.

Pro Tip If you add some glucose to your second enema (after the first one to deal with the big "clean out") you will "feed" your partner automatically and give them enough extra energy to deal with the entire session.

Administering an enema

You need three things: a bag, a tube and a nozzle. The nozzle is what goes inside the rectum. NOTHING ELSE. To administer an enema, best go by a step-by-step routine.

Step 1

In various settings (such as when the enema is used in "nursing games" or as a punishment or form of training, the sight of the bag being filled forms an important part of the session as such - "the promise" of what is going to go inside soon, the fear, often is an essential element. If the enema is not part of the game but a preparation for something else, like a fisting session, you may want to go about this differently, in a more casual, efficient way. Either way, fill the bag and use a medical clamp on the tube to hold the fluid in.

Step 2

If you haven't done so before, thoroughly clean the nozzle by washing it with hot water and anti-bacterial soap - rinse with lots of clean water afterwards to get rid of any soap residue. Next, connect the nozzle to the tube (or the tube and nozzle to the bag if nozzle and tube form one piece) and make sure the connection is properly sealed, will not leak and will not come off easily. Now make sure there is no air in the bag.

Step 3

Put on your latex gloves and rub the prepared nozzle (now connected to the tube) and your partner's anus with LOTS of lubricant to facilitate the receiving of the nozzle and prevent accidental injuries - let a bit of fluid run trhough the tube and nozzle to remove all air - and SLOWLY insert the nozzle into the anus. Never insert the entire nozzle, but leave enough of it out to be able to remove it again without any trouble. Note: Keep the bag at the same level as the nozzle to prevent an early start of the flow.

Step 4

Keep the bag at the same level as the nozzle and unclamp the tube or open the tab (depending on your type of bag). Now SLOWLY lift the bag a little to start the fluid moving inward. You need to be careful here. You want the fluid to go in slowly and with as little pressure as possible. Only lift the bag higher if more pressure is required (i.e. as the fluid stops flowing). Very slowly raise it bit by bit until the bag is completely empty.

Step 5

Remove the nozzle and (especially for novices) best replace it with a (previously lubricated) butt plug.

Step 6

Now it all depends on what you're planning. Have your partner sit and wait if this is a cleaning operation - if this is training or punishment you may want to wait for the first cramps to start. Especially if your partner is new to this, make sure you give them sufficient mental support and encouragement.

Health Hint Make sure your partner drinks water or a gatorade type liquid after one or more enemas to avoid dehydration. And, if you're not using the "feeding technique" (see above and the next article), make sure they eat something as well. Glucose, sugar, sweets, chocolate or dextrose are the best ideas.

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